Working from home? Follow our top tips to create the perfect work/life balance.

UK Self Store

Self Storage at UK Self Store, Widnes

Tuesday, 2nd October, 2018

Do you work from home?  Are you drowning in a mountain of paperwork or stock?  Do you feel as though your work is taking over your personal space?  If your answer to any of these questions is yes, read on for UK Self Store’s top tips to create the perfect work/life balance.

  1. Only keep what you need at home.

Each week, plan so that you have what you need at home, including any stock you may require for your deliveries in the week ahead.  Keep the rest in a separate space, such as a storage unit at UK Self Store.  We offer units of varying sizes at competitive rates, and we are open seven days a week, so you know you can always pick up what you need!

  1. Keep a defined work space in your house.

It is so easy for things to get out of control, especially if your venture is successful.  Allocate one room; the garage, or even the garden shed as your designated workplace.  Then at the end of your working day, you can close the door on work and have a tangible separation between work and home life.

  1. Organisation is key.

Referring to point one, it is vital that you take a couple of hours at the end of every week to plan effectively for the next.  Additionally, you should ensure that items you require daily are accessible.  Things that you use less often should be stored away.  Our self-storage units are clean and dry and are suitable for stock and archived documents.  You can even drive right into our loading bay.

  1. Network.

Building a network of contacts is key.  At UK Self Store, our clients are mostly self-employed or sales/trades people for larger established companies.  Whenever someone needs a plumber, a technician, an accountant or a builder – you’ll find one here!  Our clients are a community.  Storing with us isn’t just about boxes, it’s about the people.

  1. Be happy.

They say that we work for over half of our lives.  It is vital to do something you are passionate about, otherwise there is little point.  You should always be happy and enjoy what you do.  If your home is less cluttered, you’ll feel the benefit.  We’re only a phone call away for all of your storage needs.

UK Self Store is a family-run company offering a range of domestic and commercial storage options.  We also sell a range of packing boxes and supplies.  For more information or for a no-obligation quote, please call us on 0151 257 8086, or email