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Get the family treatment at UK Self Store

Thursday, 31st May, 2018

At UK Self Store, we pride ourselves on the relaxed, dedicated service that we offer to our customers.  Being family-owned, we believe that the best way to grow is by developing our relationship with new and existing clients.  Good customer service skills cannot simply be learned – they must be developed with experience, and our team know what it takes to keep our clients happy.

We like to understand not only what customers require, but why our customers require the use of our facilities.  Understanding what brings people to UK Self Store aids us in exceeding their expectations.  Whether you’re in need of some extra space, in the middle of a house move, or are starting a new business and require commercial storage space, we’ll always be here, ready and willing to support you in any way we can.

Of course, it isn’t just the friendly staff and range of facilities that bring customers to us, but it is our unwavering dedication to our customers that has seen some of our clients remain with us for over a decade.  We’re not perfect, but we will always listen to concerns and do what we can to fix any problems.  In fact, we are currently undergoing the biggest change to the business since the original self-storage site opened nearly twenty years ago.  In the coming months, customers will start to notice new UK Self Store branding, cleaner public areas, and improved facilities.  We’ll even be happy to offer you a drink on your next visit.

We are not a faceless organisation with a top-heavy management team.  We are a small, family business where your custom is truly valued, and that sets us apart from any of our competitors in the area.  If you’re in need of domestic or commercial storage, call Carole, Emma or Mark now on 0151 257 8086 or drop us an email at